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QlikView Story

In 2003 I found my self unemployed after a nice long run with SCT. Bain Capital bought SCT and a year after the acquisition, they showed me the door. Without a question, being laid off was a blessing in disguise. It was June 30th, 2003. SCT was very good to me and they gave me enough time to find another job so no complaints there. Given we had plans to go to Key West for the Fourth of July, I did not sulk or worry. Went to Key West with the family and had a blast with some life long friends, the Mohrs. Turns out we stayed in a Travel Channel top 10 haunted hotels in America, but that is another story.

After we returned from Keys, I think it was July 7th, I sat in my office in front of the computer with a bit of angst starting to set in. Five Kids, three mortgages, child support and no job had me wondering what was next? I hopped on and entered a few key words and a geography that covered the East Coast. By this time in my life I was a proven technical guy that knew data, database systems, ERP Systems and knew how to stand up in front of an audience with composure. I have the ability to bring business value and technical value to the conversation. The key words were ERP, database management, pre-sales, and reporting and analysis. I pressed the search button and my screen filled up with a few openings. One caught my eye in particular. The location was in Raleigh, NC and the job description fit me to a t. I sent an email to apply for the opportunity with confidence and I made sure they knew this job was perfect for me. Literally the next morning I received an email from Sandi Creyaufmiller, employee number two for QlikTech, NA. This is when I discovered this really Qool tool called QlikView. Having spent the last eight years working with ERP data for processing manufacturing organizations, I had data and I knew where it was. QlikTech allows you do download their software for free and after I downloaded version 6 of the tool, I was able to build out a pretty decent dashboard showing top customers, products, margins and other metrics. Literally in about four hours, I built something tangible. This was before I discovered their tutorial!

A week later, I showed up to the Raleigh office and met almost the entire US team. They wanted to interview me separately, but I told them I had a presentation prepared and wanted to share the application I built with QlikView. Six people entered the room, Christer, President and CEO, Dave, Marketing, Debra, Partner Manager, Jeffery Sales Manager and Sandi, HR, Finance, Facilities and anything else that needed to be done for a fast growing start up. Debra was the toughest and the questions came rapidly and I was dancing. Think the matrix, I was bobbing and weaving.

After the interview, I went to my Durham Apartment, hand wrote thank you notes to all who attend and delivered them the next morning on my way up to Maryland to go play golf with my college football buddies. I was driving and on my way up I received a call while on the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel. It was from Fredrik, the guy who was going to be my boss. He was not at the first interview given he lived in NY. Even though I had already put together a QlikView application, he told me I needed to build another application with some of his data. I agreed to turn the assignment around by the next Tuesday. That was tough after spending a weekend with my boys and then driving from Salisbury, MD back to Auburndale, FL on the following Monday. I spent another half day on Tuesday slightly hurt from the prior weekend, but I delivered and and got the job.

August 11, 2003 my Journey with QlikTech began. I started as a pre-sales consultant, delivery consultant and trainer. I finished with QlikTech in August 2012 as the VP of Services and we built a pretty strong team. Today I still sell QlikView and can still build applications with the best of them.

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Reflecting back on this ride, this job was heaven sent. I am grateful.